First of all, if you ask for the opinion of the person using this medicine, they can only express the enthusiasm of this drink with the words that it certainly improves your vision.

You will also notice a significant improvement in the appearance of the skin. However, the best effect of this medicine is that it scares the gray hair and makes the hair duller than before.
Necessary Ingredients:
• 200g of linseed oil
• 4 lemons of medium size
• 3 small cloves of garlic
• 1kg of honey
Way of preparation: Put the garlic and all the lemon into the blender and mix. Before you put the lemon in the blender, turn only two fruit trees. Then add linseed oil and honey and mix again. Put the mixture in a glass bowl and tightly close the lid. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator. How to use it: Consume one teaspoon of the mixture half an hour before the meal. Only use a wooden spoon! It is recommended that you consume the mixture three times a day. Source:

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