Minister in charge of regional development Milan Krkobabić signed in Belgrade contracts on granting grants with directors of the first two newly established cooperatives within the project “500 cooperatives in 500 villages” implemented by the Government of Serbia.

The Agricultural Cooperative “Zaplanjski zasad Gadzin Han” has awarded a contract for the production, processing, packaging and placement of medicinal herbs, 5.9 million dinars, while Bee cooper Devcha will receive 6.24 million dinars for the establishment of apiary.After signing the contract, Krkobabić said that the goal of the project of reviving the cooperative was to “preserve the Serbian village, so that young people could see their future”.

“We expect that these cooperatives, with about 30 co-workers and the same number of operatives, will become the backbone of cooperatives in the future, a practical example of how cooperatives can function,” said Krkobabic.

He pointed out the contribution of local governments in securing business premises, overall preparation and logistics to enable this project to revive a cooperative society.

“The project is ambitious. On average, we received e two to three requests per day, which means that the figure of 500 co-operatives is absolutely achievable, and we will do everything to fulfill it,” said Krkobabic, adding that the establishment of a cooperative will continue.


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