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As one of the oldest human activities, beekeeping is primarily related to the human community, has been developed and perfected since the first transfer of the bee community to the garden, and has developed into one of the most important economic branches of today. Even in prehistory, it developed as a result of the collective activities of members of the then primitive cooperatives. Both primitive and contemporary beekeeping can not be imagined as an individual activity. Beekeeping is therefore one of the few agricultural activities that the engagement of a cooperative produces, whether it is a family or any other cooperative. The basic principles of beekeeping have not changed significantly since primordial beekeeping until today. The management of beekeeping can ensure the existence, income and economic development of the whole family.


The first cooperative in the world, it was a textile cooperative, and it was founded in the UK more than 150 years ago.

The beginning of the co-operation in Serbia was based on “blood” cooperatives. Co-operatives were first organized and from a legal aspect defined by the Serbian Civil Code from 1844. The then understanding of global business led to the fact that modern economy spread rapidly in the territory of our country, which resulted in the third cooperative, which was established in the world, was right here in our area.

Today, almost 100 million members of the cooperative community live and work in the EU countries, while at the global level there is just under one billion.


Modern cooperatives operating in the most developed regions of the world have long recognized that association is the most adequate dam for opposing the interests of large business entities. At present, this is the only way for small producers to protect their profits and their interests. By doing this, the majors are able to bring themselves into the equal position of negotiators on the market.

Volunteering in the phase of accession or establishment, solidarity as the basic principle of business association, democratic decision-making rights, autonomy of the functioning of the cooperative in the spirit of a good businessman, and in relation to other institutions, are only part of the principles on which cooperative activity rests.

By combining work, finance, intellectual skills, business knowledge, business experience, and other resources based on cooperative principles, a prospective business environment is created. By optimizing these potentials, a business foundation is created, whose upgrade can not be confined to external economic factors.