Recipe 1

Garlic in honey (sweet – angry combination)

Ingredients: 3-4 heads of garlic, glass of natural honey.
Preparation: Clean the onion, so that you do not peel the chicks, but remove the shells that you see will fall off. Fill the glass with a bowl of garlic, and pour honey. Mix between each part of the garlic in the jar. Close the air so that the air can not enter. So leave it for a few days to stand.
Store in a refrigerator or at room temperature.
Usage: Eat one day each day.

Recipe 2

Lemon, ginger and honey

Ingredients: 2 small or 1 large lemon, 200 ml honey, 1 ginger root and 1 glass jug volume of 1 l.
Preparation: Wash the lemon, and ginger, peel off and cut everything on the slices. Put in the blender and flush, add honey and mix a little more. When everything is united, pour the mixture into a clean jar and close the lid well.
Usage: 1 tablespoon per day, for children 1 tbsp. Keep the elixir in the refrigerator. You can add tea and other hot drinks.

Recipe 3

Honey and Ginger

Ingredients: Two large root ginger, 500 g of organic honey, jar
Preparation: Cut the ginger and mix with honey. Put the mixture in a glass jar
Usage: 1 spoon 3-4 times a day. The first effects will be noticeable within 4 days.

Recipe 4

Lemon, garlic, honey, wheat bran, walnuts. Against all kinds of cancers!

Ingredients: 15 fresh, healthy BIO lemon, 12 head of fresh garlic, 1 kg of homemade honey, 400 g of spring wheat (young green wheat) and 400 g of fresh walnuts.
Preparation of wheat cucumber: put 400 g of wheat into a glassed glass bowl. Pour water to stand, preferably overnight. After 10 – 12 hours, clean the water through the clean gauze and wash well, and then proceed through the gauze.
In the pan, leave the wheat to stand for 24 hours. After that, you will receive wheat with a call, length of 1-2 millimeters.
Preparation of the drug: Samleti together curled wheat, walnuts and cleaned onions onions. Pickles 5 lemons with a cover, and all together mix. Of the other 10, take only the juice and mix it with the rest of the mixture until the mixture becomes homogeneous.
Add in and out for a long time with a wooden spoon, then pour into glass containers. Let them stand for 3 days in the fridge, then you can start consuming.
Application: This food is taken 30 minutes before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner and before bedtime. If you use it to treat cancer, take one to two spoons every 2 hours.

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